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    Looks like your paper is written, but wait a minute, it’s not attached so far. Every paper is to pass a verification procedure. Our editing team proofreads the paper and checks if it corresponds to the instructions that you’ve submitted. If any discrepancy occurs the paper is sent back for a revision.
    The final stage is a plagiarism check. Though we have established trustable relationships with our writers, plagiarism check is an obligatory procedure. The paper will be delivered to you with 0.00% plagiarism only. Please, note, any direct quotes used in the paper and arranged according to the selected citation style (APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, OSCOLA, Turabian, etc) is not regarded as plagiarism. You shouldn’t worry that your paper contains too many quotes since our writer will not exceed 5% limit that we set off a direct quotation. In case you have specific limits on quoting, please, specify that in your order instructions and we’ll complete the paper accordingly.

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