Writing-Endeavour deals with all possible types of assignments. Below is an incomplete list of custom-papers you can place an order for:




  • Term paper writing 
  • Writing Essay
  • Research Paper
  • Assessment writing
  • Critical writing
  • Editing & Proofreading
  • Research proposal
  • Coursework
  • Thesis Writing




  • Dissertation
  • Case study
  • Business plan
  • Article review
  • Report writing
  • Critical writing
  • Book/movie review
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Annotated bibliography


Please, find more details about the most wide-spread types of assignments before you order essay with us:



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Write My Essay

An essay is aimed at expressing the author’s personal impressions or considerations on a particular subject matter with the help of both reasoning and evidence. At the same time, an essay does not aspire to provide the most comprehensive and defining interpretation of the topic. 


Buy Term Paper

A term paper is a significant part of the educational process since a deadline for this specific academic usually falls on the end of the academic semester and counts for a large portion of the student’s grade. Such writing should analyze a specific occurrence, conception, or even argue for a particular point of view.


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Research Paper Help

Though we hire only Ph.D. and Master Graduates, our company works with all possible types of assignment, starting from the High School level. Academic level determines the complexity of language and overall scope of research that needs to be conducted. In case you’re not sure which academic level is the most suitable for your order, please, feel free to contact us with your assignment details.



Writing a Business Plan

All types of academic papers which require conducting deep research and utilizing a lot of academic sources are more expensive than regular essay assignments. Thus, the research paper costs more than a reflective essay. Do not hesitate to message us any time if you’re not sure which type of assignment your paper falls under, we’ll gladly assist you with any of your questions.


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Order a PowerPoint Presentation

A PowerPoint presentation helps to convey the speaker’s message or ideas to the audience. It is an important part of one’s oral presentation as it intends to provide the visual image of the verbal report by highlighting and summarizing its main points on the slides without overburdening the whole presentation. PPT  should develop a thesis statement and combe several points of discussion that are interrelated and interconnected using bullet points.



Order Critical Writing Paper Online

Critical writing is intended to explain one’s reasons either to accept or not to agree with the opinion of other writers and requires that one should review and assess their arguments and other pieces of evidence provided by them. It must be presented in the form of well- balanced, persuasive writing that includes the writer’s own evidence, well-structured and detailed argumentation, and their acknowledgment of the possible restrictions on their line of thinking.


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Coursework Help

Coursework is another important kind of academic writing that is normally performed by university students for educational purposes. It is a complex, multidimensional work that may incorporate a wide spectrum of activities and elements such as those of examination, experimentation, and writing. The primary objective of such writing is to increase one’s knowledge and improve their skills in writing, academic research, and critical thinking.


Case Study

A case study implies a careful and thorough examination of a particular situation, subject or issue. It thus serves as an account of a matter that can be taken into consideration in the context of some hypothetical or actual circumstances and should address some specific challenges that could be encountered in real life in order to teach one how to make full use of and practice one’s theoretical knowledge.



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